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James Jericho



Troublemaker in a Hat.

Hi. I am on my way to stardom because I have a website. And effeminate handwriting.

Congratulations! You have clearly demonstrated an ability to type in a person’s name without the use of the space bar and add “.com” at the end.

I’m a stand-up comedian. I’m funny, but I wanna be really really funny.

For the record, I’m not related to the professional wrestler. I only wore that type of clothes once in my life and I was young, drunk and in love.

Please peruse these pages for your stalking pleasure.


Hey, you deserve something for you.

Show calendar

Online stalking

Gas prices too high to find out where James lives? There’s always Facebook, Twitter and even that nutty little thing called MySpace.

Jericho Sports Network

Sweat profusely

James has a burgeoning internet sports network with a weekly “Sports On Sunset” debate show and a blog on athletes who run afoul of the law: shoulderpadsandhandcufs.com.

Contact James

This is what building my own website makes me want to do. But when I’m done with this, I’m quite certain I won’t need weapons or barbituates to make me feel better. No really. I’ll be much happier. … Sigh … I need a box of Twinkies.